Featured pieces of jewelry may not be available as most are one of a kind. However, you can use these images as examples of the type of piece and feel that appeals to you. It isn't possible to present the full range of pictures and styles so if you have something in mind, please contact me and I will send additional images.

I am always happy to design a piece using the stones and other elements of which you are especially fond. We can create something you will love.

Inherited, Vintage or Antique Pieces
Frequently customers come with pieces they've inherited or bought in the past. If these pieces aren't currently being worn, they can be taken apart, re-designed and perhaps combined with new elements to make a personalized and unique design you'll enjoy wearing. These items also make great conversation pieces.

How to Order
Please email Anjali and be sure to include the following information:
Name of the piece
Your email or mailing address
Your telephone number
Best time to call


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